A Startup Studio in Athens, Georgia

RoundSphere operates a group of small businesses ranging in size from brand new startups to growing organizations with dedicated teams. Our internal team fulfills fractional and full time roles related to product management, sales and marketing, engineering, customer success, and finance within our companies. Growing companies often use fewer shared services as they grow their own team, while other companies may never grow large enough to have a dedicated team.

RoundSphere is happy to provide capital needed to get a new business off the ground, and to provide for growth when we see traction. We are flexible and reasonable with structuring capital as debt or equity.

While many in our team work in locations around the world, our long term goal includes providing good, high quality jobs in Athens and Watkinsville, Georgia whenever we can.

While each company is different, in general we share:

  • A common passion for finding a niche and delivering a clear valuable product or service.
  • A value for our team members. We provide a work environment with competitive pay and generous benefits, and plenty of opportunity for personal growth (even when that means you outgrow us)
  • We gain some efficiencies by using common tools